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CfosSpeed pings Empty CfosSpeed pings

Post by mailro on Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:49 am

Trying to select s different pinger "spd pinger udp_km6 -save" OR to set a different TTL "spd sethops 6 -save" has a temporally effect as it reverts to default after a while.
Hop 6 is the first one outside my ISPs network and trying to force the pinger to that value the overall speed drops by 80%~90% and i've either to re-calibrate the line OR disable the traffic shaping.
The "spd pingboot" selects udp_km4 but after a while it reverts back to "udp_km3". It doesn't detects that the 6xth hop is the first one out of my ISP's network


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