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Settings for Smooth Streaming

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Settings for Smooth Streaming Empty Settings for Smooth Streaming

Post by Knightmare on Sat Dec 01, 2018 2:42 pm

I recently started streaming on Twitch and I'm trying to configure everything to make my stream run more smoothly. The first time I streamed, I had a total of 40+ dropped frames which is not good at all. I did some configuring to my router settings and to cFosSpeed to hopefully help with the dropped frames. I tested my new settings and I only had a total of 4 dropped frames, so I think I fixed my issue; however, I'm not sure how my settings will affect my system's security. I changed cFos to favor ping over bandwidth and I enabled the "Adjusts MSS/MTU for maximum transfer speed" setting. I also set my medium to cable rather than adaptive.

In my firewall, I enabled the following:
- Enable DoS Attack Protection Firewall
- Enable Ping Blocking
- Enable Block Fragmented IP Packets

There are some other settings that were already enabled:
- Enable IPSec Pass Through
- Enable PPTP Pass Through
- Enable L2TP Pass Through

I recently disabled the enable ping blocking because I realized that it might be pointless to disable ping and have cFos favor ping. All of my other cFos and router settings were left at default. Any other suggestions or settings that I should set are welcome. I'm just trying to use cFos and my router to their full potential. Thank you in advance!


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