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Feature Request for cFosSpeed Empty Feature Request for cFosSpeed

Post by RamboNTanga on Wed Nov 20, 2019 7:02 pm

Hi guys.

I have been using cFosSpeed for years now and also have many licenses for my systems and my family's.

I personally take great advantage of the software as I multitask very much with multiple monitors, probably one with video/stream/netflix/etc and another one where I am doing something else. I also play online games and also tend to have a stream open on the second monitor.

The thing is that lately I have been having an issue with my online games and started to troubleshoot my connection in various ways and that got me thinking of how awesome would be if cFosSpeed could generate a realtime dashboard with current system's connections. For example, some reports that are already available but to unify them into one comprehensive page ie. data usage. Additionally, be able to visualize the route of packages, ping, jitter statistics related to a specific connection we select from the unified dashboard (Current connections site).

An example that comes to my mind is a main dashboard page that includes current connection usage (Mbps upload/download) like the one already implemented under the skin.html (if I recall correctly), with current active connections, information of the current adapter, data traffic/usage, etc and all of this useful information bundled into a beautiful comprehensive dashboard. And extend functionality by allowing to target one connection and provide a bunch of useful info about it, as I mentioned before.

This could be an awesome addition to the software and very useful too to have on a second/third monitor.

Hope you guys like the idea Smile


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