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No Application specified RX (Receive) avaible?

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No Application specified RX (Receive) avaible? Empty Re: No Application specified RX (Receive) avaible?

Post by cFos Martin on Fri Aug 18, 2017 7:34 am

there are currently no rx limits. Only (via queue delay mamagement feature) a prioritization of the rx traffic.

However srvhost.exe is a generic windows process whch transfers all kinds of data, so i'm not sure if you want to limit it. Normally "huge" anounts of data are transmitted by windows via intelligent background data transfer, so it should only cost bandwidth, if you don't use it otherwise. So I think the normal traffic shaping of cFosSpeed could be enough. It keeps the ping time low and your system responsive for traffic, so gaming should just be fine, right?
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No Application specified RX (Receive) avaible? Empty No Application specified RX (Receive) avaible?

Post by MikkoJayEm on Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:55 am

I've been setting up again this cfos program (bought version) after some years of last use.
This time I kinda understand the TX limit for application, and I'm able to limit bandwith usage for steam downloads or svchost process of windows, just like I wanted to.
However, for unknown reason my svchost process sometimes (1-3 times a day) starts (seems randomly) to receive "huge" amount of bandwith, which obviously rises my ping in games alot (up from 40ms to 300ms, because of my poor 4G cell phone connection).

The question is, am I able to limit receiving speed (RX) for applications, instead limiting only the transmiting speed (TX)?
Other than that, this cfos speed seems pretty much perfect application Smile


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