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Need Help about Nvidia Geforce NOW cloud gaming

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Need Help about Nvidia Geforce NOW cloud gaming Empty Need Help about Nvidia Geforce NOW cloud gaming

Post by KuZy on Fri May 29, 2020 2:24 pm

Hi Smile I am having packet loss when playing games on Nvidia Geforce NOW cloud service.
Is there anything i can do to improve my GFNow experience? And also to lower my packet loss?
I see Programs, Protocols sections but i have no idea what to do with GFNow there.
And Options > settings is not opening on Chrome browser but only Firefox ( i need to refresh 10+ times to be able to see them ) any fix for this pls?

And i am stucked at Calibration 72%
Anyway to improve this please?

C:\Program Files\cFosSpeed>spd speed
Current shaper settings (v11.04.2440):
maxtxraw=3021K maxtxacked=3002K maxrx=13.08M avg_time=4000
mindelay=7737 variance=4762 vari_fixed=0
reg_id=3 method=adaptive (Cool pinger=udp_km4
voltxraw=46.63G voltxacked=6987M volrx=2082G time_used=33d 17h
maxiplen=1500 rx_limit=inf tx_limit=inf inhibit_bridged=0
ping_cnt=1164082 pong_cnt=1161524 (99.7%) burst_cnt=3
adapter=LAN link speed: rx=125M tx=125M
txspeed=140.7M fixed=0 tx_bounce_cnt=5 calibrated=72
tx delay=10000-19762 rx delay=20000-24762 delay_auto=1



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