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Fail to calibrate cFosSpeed with FIBER connections

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Fail to calibrate cFosSpeed with FIBER connections Empty Fail to calibrate cFosSpeed with FIBER connections

Post by RamboNTanga on Fri Jun 12, 2020 4:14 am

I have cFosSpeed in my 3 PCs at home with Fiber internet. After many months none has calibrated from the 0%. I tried the command spd set tx_bounce_cnt=5 with just getting a 75% calibration.
After many months now, many fully uploading and downloading in the connections, none has been calibrated at 100%.
And from normal usage cFosSpeed is not working as it should. I have tested by downloading a file from the internet at full speed (ISP hired speed) and try to load a video on youtube or any live stream and it gets stuck or with very low quality.

Is this an issue with cFosSpeed?


C:\Program Files\cFosSpeed>spd speed
Current shaper settings (v11.04.2440):
maxtxraw=7301K  maxtxacked=7298K  maxrx=37.7M  avg_time=4000
mindelay=2564  variance=4213  vari_fixed=0
reg_id=3  method=adaptive (8)  pinger=udp_km3
voltxraw=57.67G  voltxacked=7414M  volrx=1221G  time_used=31d 12h
maxiplen=1500  rx_limit=inf  tx_limit=inf  inhibit_bridged=0
ping_cnt=609951  pong_cnt=607014 (99.5%)  burst_cnt=3
adapter=LAN  link speed: rx=125M tx=125M
txspeed=134.2M  fixed=0  tx_bounce_cnt=5  calibrated=75
tx delay=10000-19213  rx delay=20000-29213  delay_auto=1


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