cFosSpeed limiting speeds?

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Re: cFosSpeed limiting speeds?

Post by Gray on Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:36 pm

Sorry I forgot to login so I can't edit my post, I forgot to add my spd speed.

Current shaper settings (v10.26.2312):
maxtxraw=216.7K maxtxacked=216K maxrx=4316K avg_time=4000
mindelay=3063 variance=154808 vari_fixed=0
reg_id=2 method=adaptive (Cool pinger=udp_km4 mtu_limit=65535 (65535)
voltxraw=17.86M voltxacked=13.97M volrx=144.9M time_used=9m 35s
maxiplen=1428 rx_limit=inf tx_limit=inf inhibit_bridged=0
ping_cnt=612 pong_cnt=532 (86.9%) burst_cnt=0
adapter=LAN link speed: rx=12.5M tx=12.5M
txspeed=227.5K fixed=0 tx_bounce_cnt=5 calibrated=100
tx delay=10000-165808 rx delay=20000-176503 delay_auto=1


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cFosSpeed limiting speeds?

Post by Gray on Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:33 pm

Normally with cFosSpeed (NDIS 6) disabled in ethernet properties, I get 60Mbps down and 4~9Mbps up. With it enabled it then limits my speeds to 22~16Mbps down and 1.6Mbps up. Is there an option to get rid of this? I'm trying this program out for streaming since it hurts my ping a little when I do.


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