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Nagle's Algorithm

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Nagle's Algorithm Empty Nagle's Algorithm

Post by Dr.Flay on Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:00 am

When changing to low latency PING over download speeds, does cFos Speed disable Nagling ?
I see reference to some of the registry changes in the cFos documentation, but it is not clear.
Perhaps you can also clarify if cFos will enable/disable Nagles algorithm in the gaming tips section cfos dot de/en/cfosspeed/documentation/gamer.htm

Many gamers and especially server hosts will gain a huge improvement when using the Gaming Tweaks guide at speedguide dot net/articles/gaming-tweaks-5812
How close is your changes to the changes listed there ?

As an admin in several gaming forums, I would like to give a fair comparison and recommendation for different speedup tricks.

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