Unable to reach VMware Workstation VMs with bridged network card

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Unable to reach VMware Workstation VMs with bridged network card

Post by mprost on Sat Aug 25, 2018 11:54 am


In the old forum there was a topic, that I'm unable to find now, about certain incompatibility between cFosSpeed and VMware Workstation virtual machines when their network cards are configured as bridged. The old issue was resolved and the incompatibility disappeared, but it has come back with the latest VMware Workstation version (14.1.3 build-9474260).

The problem is you're unable to ping (or reach) VMs from the host, and you're unable to ping (or reach) the host from the guests. Uninstallation of cFosSpeed instantaneously solves the problem (a restart is not needed). Reinstallation of cFosSpeed makes the problem come back again. Prior VMware version ( didn't cause any problems. I've tested cFosSpeed version 10.22.2290 and 10.27 build 2326 beta, and both of them present the issue.

In the old forum topic there was more information about which cFosSpeed versions caused the issue and which not (in that occasion the issue was caused by an update to cFosSpeed), as well as certain commands you could run to troubleshoot the issue, but I don't remember them.

Thank you.


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