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Current Connection not accurate 2453?

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Current Connection not accurate 2453? Empty Current Connection not accurate 2453?

Post by RamboNTanga on Tue Sep 01, 2020 2:32 am

I tested 2453 and previous versions.
I have a specific test case in which I run the modernwarfare.exe game. It is set to HIGH in the priority of programs, but I have noticed two things:
With two monitors, one with the Current Connections tab open and the game on the second one.

  • The program appears to have a DEFAULT priority, while what I would expect is to every single one of them to be HIGH.
  • And if I Alt + Tab out of the game just 3 connections are displayed as HIGH. I am providing the images for reference, connections on ports 3074, 443 and 31260 are the ones displayed as HIGH while "altabbed" out of the game

Which got me wondering if priorization is working properly 100%?


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