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0 % calibration

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0 % calibration Empty Re: 0 % calibration

Post by pulsecode on Tue Jul 04, 2017 9:20 am

You already opened this thread here:

So we will close this one.
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0 % calibration Empty 0 % calibration

Post by redgonzales45 on Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:37 am

hi I download the latest cfosspeed and do all the tutorial that must be done to get 100% calibration and still got 0% calibration done pale
please help me, and thanks in advanced Very Happy

Speed Info
Windows Name
Windows 10 Home Single Language Multiprocessor Free (4 procs)
Windows Version
10.00.15063 (x64)
Maximum Raw Send Speed
102.7 kbytes/s
Maximum Acked Send Speed
98.83 kbytes/s
Maximum Receive Speed
212.6 kbytes/s
Minimum Delay
20 ms
Delay Variance
38 ms
Current Maximum Receive Speed
212.6 kbytes/s
Current Maximum Send Speed
98.83 kbytes/s
Traffic Counting Method
MTU Limit
65535 (65535) bytes
Averager Time
4 s
Total Raw Sent Volume
8164 kbytes
Total Acked Sent Volume
4580 kbytes
Total Received Volume
48.66 mbytes
Total Time Used
46m 10s
Inhibit Bridged
Maximum IP Length
1400 bytes
Pings Sent
Pongs Received
1,696 (97.6%)
Current Send Speed
8437 kbytes/s
Send Delay
10-53 ms
Receive Delay
20-63 ms
Calibration Done
0% (Poor)
Traffic Shaping Status
shaping is active


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